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At the top and still waiting...

It’s been a little bit since my last update. Sorry about that. I’m in Nelson now, a quite nice little town on the north tip of the South Island. I rather like it here a lot; it’s cute and warm and full of pleasant people. Job hunting has, unfortunately, continued to be frustrating. Apple picking season starts here soon, and I was very much hoping to get onto that wagon. After all, it was such work that I was thinking of when I came here in the first place.

Getting reliable information on it is just a huge headache, though. I got a pamphlet which was out of date, and so I checked the website of the regional seasonal work coordinating office, only to find their information outdated. So on Monday I took a bus an hour away to go to the office itself, which was closed by the time I got there. I went again, earlier this time, yesterday, and all the lady had me do was write down my name and phone number and said she’d call when/if something came up. She said it wouldn’t be until around the 20th at the earliest. It’s all very discouraging.

So while I really would like to do apple picking, I’m going to have to start looking for work in town as well. I can’t rely on the possibility of getting work a couple weeks from now, although I can certainly support myself until then. So today I’ll be out and about with my resumes, something I really hate doing. Once I’m actually talking about the work itself or being interviewed, I do okay, but the initial marching up and asking gives me a huge pit in my stomach. I have no idea why. It doesn’t help that I get stuck in that unbreakable cycle where restaurants want someone with more waiting experience, but I can only get that experience if they hire me. Gah.

So yes, I’m frustrated, but I’m trying really hard to keep a bright lookout. And I really have enjoyed my time here. The hostel is great, and I’ve made friends with a couple of the people who have been staying here long term. One is a Japanese girl from Okinawa, so I’ve gotten to use my Japanese a little bit. Plus Nanae, my friend from Iwate, will be arriving in Nelson on the 15th. It will be great to see her, and hopefully negate some of my loneliness.

Anyway, here goes nothing!
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